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Northern College is offering Scholarship for International Students applying and studying in Sep 2020. More details available on link.

Northern College has announced a new scholarship offering – September 2020

New International Student Awards – September 2020 ! !

  1. $1000 General Entrance Award :
    • 2-year diploma program
    • 1-year graduate diploma program,
    • 1-year Personal Support Worker certificate
  2. $1000 Merit Award : For Students Studying Online for one Semester 2-year diploma program or 1-year graduate diploma program
  3. $1000 ESL Proficiency Award : Having an IELTS score of 7.5 or better, verified by the college’s Accuplacer Testing upon arrival at one of our college campuses, 2 year diploma program
    1-year graduate diploma program
  4. $1000 Program-Specific Entry : Specified programs are
    • College Diploma – Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician (M001)
    • College Diploma – Welding Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) (W009)
    • College Diploma – Mechanical Technician – Welding Fitter (W251)
    • College Diploma – Welding Engineering Technician – Inspection (W010)
    • College Diploma – Welding Engineering Technician – Inspection (Co-op) (W138)
    • College Diploma – Police Foundations (A161)
    • College Diploma – Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training (T085)
    • College Certificate – Personal Support Worker (H138)
  5. $1000 Country Award: 1 per top applicant arriving from each country other than Canada,
  6. $100 Textbook Bursary : to all Intl students upon first in-person registration at Northern College.
    This is issued as a non-transferable coupon at Orientation and is presented at the college bookstore in first week to cover the first $100 cost of purchased or rented new or used textbooks. Texts and costs vary by program, but through rentals and/or used book purchases this covers approximately half of all required textbook costs in the first semester

PS : Except 6th Textbook Bursary all Scholarships will be payable in 2nd semester, after Day 10, as a credit to student account

Students will get more than 2000-3000$ Scholarship so hurry up before it get closed

Disclaimer: Information listed is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by AVA Visa Consultant

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