Do you dream of studying at an internationally recognized school, but don’t know where to start? Canada offers you endless possibilities to make your dream a reality.

  • After secondary school, students may choose between college and university
  • Both education systems help students prepare for their futures
  • Canadian post-secondary education may be a great choice for future
  • At college, students can get hands-on, practical or technical skills training for a specific career
    • Students can study things like graphic design, web development, culinary arts, occupational health and more
    • Colleges often work with employers in different industries to develop the latest curriculum
    • Depending on college program, student might study anywhere from one to three years
    • After successfully completion of studies , student will receive a certificate or diploma.
  • At university, students often study in-depth, theoretical subjects, like law, medicine, art history, engineering and much more.
    • Depending on your program, you might study anywhere from three to seven years.
    • After successfully completion of studies , student will receive a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree

Consider this: Canadian colleges and universities offer flexibility.

  • If you study at one school and wish to transfer to another, you might receive academic credit for courses you’ve already completed.
  • Several of Canada’s universities appear on well-known university rankings lists.
  • Some Canadian college and university programs offer co-operative or work-integrated learning experiences where students alternate between studying in class and working in their field of study.
  • Some people even choose to attend both college and university.

Whatever your choice, Canada is a great place to study

Canada Student Visa Process Steps:

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