Study in University of West England, UK

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University of West England
UNIVERSITY OF WEST ENGLAND, UK! SEPT ’20 Intake is now open, please submit your applications.

Here is a list of the programs that we recommend:

UG Programs:

University of the West of England – UWE Bristol – Frenchay

Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Accounting
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Accounting and Management (N4NB)
Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Biomedical Science (C980)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Aerospace Engineering (H403)
Master of Engineering (Honours) – Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies (H406)
Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Computer Science (G400)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Electronic Engineering (H61D)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Mechanical Engineering (H300)
Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Psychology with Criminology (C8M9)

PG Programs:

University of the West of England – UWE Bristol – Frenchay

Master of Science – Accounting and Finance (N34012)
Master of Architecture – Architecture (K10B1)
Master of Business Administration (MBA) (N12212)
Master of Science – Business Management (N20B12)
Master of Science – Civil Engineering (H20H1)
Master of Science – Cyber Security (I9001)
Master of Science – Data Science (INB112)
Master of Science – Engineering Management (H9N21)
Master of Science – Digital Marketing (N5I11)
Master of Science – Information Technology (G56A12)
Master of Science – Mechanical Engineering (H30B12)

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