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Fleming College still accepting applications for fall 2020 intake. Please see below the list of available programs.

College Diploma – Accounting (BAC)
Advanced College Diploma – Biotechnology – Advanced – Accelerated (BTF)
College Diploma – Business (GBE)
College Diploma – Business – Human Resources (BHC)
Advanced College Diploma – Business Administration (BAD)
College Certificate – Carpentry and Renovation Techniques (CNS)
Advanced College Diploma – Child and Youth Care (CYW)
Advanced College Diploma – Computer Engineering Technology (CTY)
Advanced College Diploma – Computer Security and Investigations (CSI)
College Diploma – Construction Engineering Technician (CET)
College Diploma – Culinary Management (CM/CMW)
College Certificate – Culinary Skills (CHT)
College Diploma – Customs Border Services (CBS)
College Diploma – Developmental Services Worker (DSW)
College Diploma – Early Childhood Education (EC)
College Diploma – Educational Support (ED)
College Diploma – Electrical Engineering Technician (EE)
College Certificate – Electrical Techniques (ETQ)
College Diploma – Fitness and Health Promotion (FHP)
Graduate Certificate – Global Business Management (GBS)
College Diploma – Health Information Management (HIM)
College Diploma – Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning (HVT)
College Diploma – Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations (HTR/HRW)
College Diploma – Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician (INT) (Optional Co-op)
Graduate Certificate – International Business Management (IBM)
Advanced College Diploma – Massage Therapy (MAC)
College Certificate – Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing (PLM)
Graduate Certificate – Applied Planning – Environmental (AEN)
College Certificate – Blasting Techniques (SBL)
College Diploma – Earth Resources Technician (ERT) (Co-op)
College Diploma – Ecosystem Management Technician (EMT)
College Diploma – Environmental Technician (ETN) (Optional Co-op)
College Diploma – Fish and Wildlife Technician (BO) (Optional Co-op)
Graduate Certificate – Geographic Information Systems – Applications Specialist (GIA)
Graduate Certificate – Geographic Information Systems – Cartographic Specialist (GC)
College Diploma – Resources Drilling Technician (RDB) (Optional Co-op)
Graduate Certificate – Sustainable Agriculture (SAG) (Co-op)
Graduate Certificate – Sustainable Waste Management (SWM)
College Certificate – Urban Forestry (UF)
College Diploma – Urban Forestry Technician (UFT) (Co-op)

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